Teaser: 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Widebody

HittingRedline is dormant no more, and approaching its fourth year with a number of interesting videos set up for the coming season. The first of these is the teaser you see above, for a car spotted in the showroom of Rutland Motorcars in Rutland, Vermont at the VT BMW CCA's Dust Off and Detail event, and a car that I'll be filming at some point this summer. This 1977 911 Carrera 3.0 is a stunning car to be sure - and one with pedigree - but I found it to be even more enjoyable when viewed in detail, just as I did myself when filming it in the Rutland Motorcars showroom. There will be a video coming, of course, but for now, enjoy this brief teaser and keep an eye out for upcoming HittingRedline films in the next few weeks. Read more about Teaser: 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Widebody


HittingRedline Filmography: Demo Reel 2013

The past year has been among the most interesting in HittingRedline's three-year history. It brought this site from the mountains of southern Vermont to the hills of Connecticut, and out to the beautiful Southern California coast and the BMW CCA's Oktoberfest in Monterey. The HittingRedline tale also spanned the stories of cars ranging from Jon de Jesus's original E12 BMW to Michael Murphy's drag-prepped 1985 Mustang GT hatchback.

But as the coming year progresses, and a new season of HittingRedline unfolds, be sure to stay tuned to this site and the YouTube channel; lined up for the future months are shoots of more shops, more drivers, more events, and more cars - including a few you won't be expecting. As always, enjoy, and thanks for watching. Read more about HittingRedline Filmography: Demo Reel 2013


Real Drivers: 1985 Ford Mustang 5.0 (Drag Racer)

Astute viewers will notice that this film has been up for some time on the YouTube channel, and that it was shot last August. But while it was released in November, this piece on Michael Murphy's 1985 drag-prepped 5.0 Mustang was one that will stand out to me for a long time and one that will stick with me for every car I work on and own. Murphy's philosophy toward cars and toward project vehicles was one of the most genuinely inspiring that I've heard, and whether you're a Ford fan or not, it's worth hearing Murphy talk about his 5.0, its journey, and the work that goes into every tenth that he has taken off each time slip.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to like HittingRedline's Facebook page for updates, photos, and future releases. Read more about Real Drivers: 1985 Ford Mustang 5.0 (Drag Racer)

Restoration and Performance Motorcars (RPM): Vergennes, Vermont

There are several restoration and motorsports shops scattered throughout Vermont dedicated to the preservation of all manner of exquisite vehicles, but few can compare to the sheer quantity of vehicles at Restoration and Performance Motorcars in Vergennes. In addition to service and maintenance for any rare vehicle, the shop also completes full restorations - sometimes from just a few photos, in the cases of some wrecked vintage racers - and complete re-forming of bodies. It is a shop staffed by devoted experts, all of them capable of rebuilding every component of vintage Italian, British, French, German, and American cars to original, historic condition - and, most likely, any other kind of vehicle from any corner of the earth that you'd care to name.

For more information on the shop (and a list of vehicles they have for sale), visit their website. For a history, and a cinematic look at the incredible vehicles present when I visited in early August of this year, check out the video below. Read more about Restoration and Performance Motorcars (RPM): Vergennes, Vermont


BMW Vintage 2013 in Saratoga, NY

The BMW Vintage show at the Saratoga Automobile Museum is one of the staples of the New England show circuit, and the annual show was even more incredible this year. In addition to some spectacularly well-modified and well-kept Bimmers that we often see at other classic shows, Vintage played host to some vehicles never sold in the US - and some, like a BMW "Farmobil" flatbed truck, that few had even heard of at all. Some of the more unbelievable vehicles this year included a Z1, an M1, matching Alpina E34 B10s, two Alpina B7S Turbos, and what can only be described as a fleet of E24s and E9s (including a freshly-restored 3.0 CSL coupe).

Take a look at the video above and check out the gallery after the link to get a hint of the show, and be sure to attend it and the other impressive Saratoga Auto Museum shows next season. Read more about BMW Vintage 2013 in Saratoga, NY

Feature: Oktoberfest 2013 (Monterey, CA)

Late August was a busy time for HittingRedline, and heralded a flurry of film shoots across New England at performance restoration shops, racetracks, and at the quiet garages that house some incredible cars. But the most memorable experience of that month was for me on the opposite side of the country: the BMW Car Club of America's annual Oktoberfest show, held this year in Monterey, CA. It was an event that attracted members from across the country; a lone Maine plate took the prize for farthest travelled nationally, while several of the Alpina cars - and the mechanics that kept them thundering around Laguna Seca - had rolled off planes from Germany.

But the event can hardly be described in words. Check out the video above (produced by myself with the invaluable assistance of Nick Parente and Andres Avalle-Embree, not to mention the ever-generous and hard-working staff and volunteers of the BMW CCA), and keep an eye on the Club's Vimeo and Facebook pages for the upcoming videos highlighting even more of the special events featured that week. Read more about Feature: Oktoberfest 2013 (Monterey, CA)

Real Drivers: 1977 BMW 530i

My first encounter with this particular E12 was about a year ago, at the close of the 2012 Hemmings Cruise-In season. The car was spectacular then, as it is now, and a stunning testament to the first modern 5-series BMW - all the refined mechanics and smoothness of the later E28 with the vintage elements characteristic of the earlier E3 and E9. And from the moment I first met the car's owner Jon de Jesus, through to the later sightings of the car at shows across New England, I had wanted to organize a shoot - and now, a year later, that shoot became a reality.

But this isn't the only current. In addition to recent and ongoing film work for the BMW CCA and their Oktoberfest show in Monterey, CA, there are a number of upcoming films coming from HittingRedline. Also be sure to stop by the Saratoga Auto Museum's BMW Vintage show on October 12, 13, and 14, where I will be filming and bringing my own BMW to display. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for more information and updates. Read more about Real Drivers: 1977 BMW 530i

Real Drivers: Ruf RGT Cabriolet

The Ruf manufacturer is a brand often misunderstood by even die-hard Porsche enthusiasts. Often mistaken for a tuning company (technically speaking, it's not), and often mispronounced as "rough" (the pronunciation "roof" is correct), the company has nevertheless remained true to its small market share in the production of high-end, Porsche chassis-based supercars. Ruf has also held the public's attention in this process since early models like the CTR "Yellowbird" captured the interest of those who thought an '80s 911 Turbo was too safe and mundane.

This tradition of cranked-to-eleven Porsches has continued up through today, and is highlighted below as Lyman Orton tells the story of his 2001 Ruf RGT Cabriolet. In his history of the model, you can correct some misconceptions about the Ruf brand and of course hear the beautiful Turbo-derived flat six howling through the hills of Vermont. Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for more film releases in the near future. Read more about Real Drivers: Ruf RGT Cabriolet

Journey to OktoberFAST (September 27-29, 2013 - West Dover, VT)

While each BMW Car Club of America chapter hosts various shows and meets in the year, the Green Mountain Chapter's is one of the few that brings these vehicles into great fall foliage in great scenery. And while it is still a month away, check out the promotional film put together by HittingRedline and the VTBMWCCA featuring several of the cars from the Green Mountain Chapter (and some rich exhaust notes from the various generations and models to be featured in the upcoming show). The show will be held this year on September 28 and 29 in West Dover, VT. For those interested in attending or participating, visit VTBMWCCA.org. As usual, be sure to keep an eye on this site for upcoming, regularly scheduled video releases. Read more about Journey to OktoberFAST (September 27-29, 2013 - West Dover, VT)


Lime Rock Park: Ferrari Challenge 2013

The Ferrari Challenge series, and particularly the event held at Connecticut's Lime Rock Park, has always had a special place at HittingRedline. It was the first show that produced a video, and after an immediate repost by Jalopnik, the first indicator of success. It was also an event that I had been attending for years, one that was consistently impressive with its ability to draw in what seemed like every Ferrari in New England, New York, and New Jersey, and this year, despite the threat of rain, was no different; everything that showed up was impressive (including several 599 GTOs, a 599 SA Aperta, a 250 GT California, and some excellent 330s), and all told, it was a great July day spent in the wash of screaming flat-plane V8s and crackling exhaust fuel dumps.

Enjoy the video, and stay tuned for regular updates in the next few weeks. Read more about Lime Rock Park: Ferrari Challenge 2013



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