Restoration and Performance Motorcars (RPM): Vergennes, Vermont

There are several restoration and motorsports shops scattered throughout Vermont dedicated to the preservation of all manner of exquisite vehicles, but few can compare to the sheer quantity of vehicles at Restoration and Performance Motorcars in Vergennes. In addition to service and maintenance for any rare vehicle, the shop also completes full restorations - sometimes from just a few photos, in the cases of some wrecked vintage racers - and complete re-forming of bodies. It is a shop staffed by devoted experts, all of them capable of rebuilding every component of vintage Italian, British, French, German, and American cars to original, historic condition - and, most likely, any other kind of vehicle from any corner of the earth that you'd care to name.

For more information on the shop (and a list of vehicles they have for sale), visit their website. For a history, and a cinematic look at the incredible vehicles present when I visited in early August of this year, check out the video below.



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