Real Drivers: Ruf RGT Cabriolet

The Ruf manufacturer is a brand often misunderstood by even die-hard Porsche enthusiasts. Often mistaken for a tuning company (technically speaking, it's not), and often mispronounced as "rough" (the pronunciation "roof" is correct), the company has nevertheless remained true to its small market share in the production of high-end, Porsche chassis-based supercars. Ruf has also held the public's attention in this process since early models like the CTR "Yellowbird" captured the interest of those who thought an '80s 911 Turbo was too safe and mundane.

This tradition of cranked-to-eleven Porsches has continued up through today, and is highlighted below as Lyman Orton tells the story of his 2001 Ruf RGT Cabriolet. In his history of the model, you can correct some misconceptions about the Ruf brand and of course hear the beautiful Turbo-derived flat six howling through the hills of Vermont. Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for more film releases in the near future.