Real Drivers: 1977 BMW 530i

My first encounter with this particular E12 was about a year ago, at the close of the 2012 Hemmings Cruise-In season. The car was spectacular then, as it is now, and a stunning testament to the first modern 5-series BMW - all the refined mechanics and smoothness of the later E28 with the vintage elements characteristic of the earlier E3 and E9. And from the moment I first met the car's owner Jon de Jesus, through to the later sightings of the car at shows across New England, I had wanted to organize a shoot - and now, a year later, that shoot became a reality.

While not as famous as its replacement E28, the E12 was a replacement for the E3 and E9 series of cars and carries on their vintage charm; in place of full leather and power windows, the E12 features a beautiful manual system for all windows and the sunroof. Additions to Jon's car include a period-correct and immaculate Blaupunkt analog equalizer, and tasteful exterior additions like the black front splitter and subtle gold-centered wheels. It's an incredible car with an incredible owner, and a great demonstration of what an immaculate car really is.