Lime Rock Park: Ferrari Challenge 2013

The Ferrari Challenge series, and particularly the event held at Connecticut's Lime Rock Park, has always had a special place at HittingRedline. It was the first show that produced a video, and after an immediate repost by Jalopnik, the first indicator of success. It was also an event that I had been attending for years, one that was consistently impressive with its ability to draw in what seemed like every Ferrari in New England, New York, and New Jersey, and this year, despite the threat of rain, was no different; everything that showed up was impressive (including several 599 GTOs, a 599 SA Aperta, a 250 GT California, and some excellent 330s), and all told, it was a great July day spent in the wash of screaming flat-plane V8s and crackling exhaust fuel dumps.

Enjoy the video, and stay tuned for regular updates in the next few weeks.