HittingRedline Filmography: Demo Reel 2013

The past year has been among the most interesting in HittingRedline's three-year history. It brought this site from the mountains of southern Vermont to the hills of Connecticut, and out to the beautiful Southern California coast and the BMW CCA's Oktoberfest in Monterey. The HittingRedline tale also spanned the stories of cars ranging from Jon de Jesus's original E12 BMW to Michael Murphy's drag-prepped 1985 Mustang GT hatchback.

But as the coming year progresses, and a new season of HittingRedline unfolds, be sure to stay tuned to this site and the YouTube channel; lined up for the future months are shoots of more shops, more drivers, more events, and more cars - including a few you won't be expecting. As always, enjoy, and thanks for watching.



Looks like you've been busy. How's the BMW going?

Great film too mate