Full Detail: Porsche 911 SC

The Porsche 911 in all its forms is a car every enthusiast should be familiar with. The timeless sloped, rear-engined shape of the definitive sports car has attracted quite a following in its sixty-odd years of evolution, but for many, it is the classic shape the holds the most appeal. This car, owned by Gregg Gawlik and detailed in this film by Nick Parente, is a stunning example of what a pristine car of that generation looks like. Complete with a custom-ordered color so unique that no Porsche color code is available, and highlighted by body-color, deep-lip Fuch wheels, the car is an incredibly striking example from all angles.

Enjoy the video, and get yourself excited for some Independence Day cleaning; look forward to more films and galleries in the coming weeks.



Amazing quality there, if anything the rough engine idle spoiled the immaculate body a bit