Feature: Oktoberfest 2013 (Monterey, CA)

Late August was a busy time for HittingRedline, and heralded a flurry of film shoots across New England at performance restoration shops, racetracks, and at the quiet garages that house some incredible cars. But the most memorable experience of that month was for me on the opposite side of the country: the BMW Car Club of America's annual Oktoberfest show, held this year in Monterey, CA. It was an event that attracted members from across the country; a lone Maine plate took the prize for farthest travelled nationally, while several of the Alpina cars - and the mechanics that kept them thundering around Laguna Seca - had rolled off planes from Germany.

But the event can hardly be described in words. Check out the video above (produced by myself with the invaluable assistance of Nick Parente and Andres Avalle-Embree, not to mention the ever-generous and hard-working staff and volunteers of the BMW CCA), and keep an eye on the Club's Vimeo and Facebook pages for the upcoming videos highlighting even more of the special events featured that week.