BMW Vintage 2013 in Saratoga, NY

The BMW Vintage show at the Saratoga Automobile Museum is one of the staples of the New England show circuit, and the annual show was even more incredible this year. In addition to some spectacularly well-modified and well-kept Bimmers that we often see at other classic shows, Vintage played host to some vehicles never sold in the US - and some, like a BMW "Farmobil" flatbed truck, that few had even heard of at all. Some of the more unbelievable vehicles this year included a Z1, an M1, matching Alpina E34 B10s, two Alpina B7S Turbos, and what can only be described as a fleet of E24s and E9s (including a freshly-restored 3.0 CSL coupe).

Take a look at the video above and check out the gallery after the link to get a hint of the show, and be sure to attend it and the other impressive Saratoga Auto Museum shows next season.